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How  to  Take  Successful  Online  Lessons?


#1: Be prepared! The same way you prepare your program for a traditional lesson (scales, etudes, repertoire) so should you for your online lesson. Also, have all your material at hand.

#2: Test your equipment before your lesson starts. Make sure that you have accepted my invitation to connect on your preferred platform. It would be too bad to spend your lesson trying to solve technical issues. 

#3: Set up your device properly. If you play the piano, I need to see your hands. If you play the flute, stand up and make sure that I can see your posture.

#4: Make yourself comfortable. Since you're working from home, make sure that the space that you choose for your lesson is well lit, quiet and spacious.

#5: Be on time! Contact me via your preferred platform at the time of your lesson. 


Are you excited or worried about taking online music lessons? Here are five tips to ensure a successful and fun experience.
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