Studio Policies

How we will work together, and what you should expect.

As your instructor, of flute or piano, I am committed to providing you with the tools you need in the learning of music, to explain and demonstrate new concepts and make sure they are fully understood, assess your progress, and fuel your motivation by looking for a repertoire that will suit and inspire you.

To work well we will need: 


  • Humor

  • An instrument in good working condition  

  • Sheet music and method books

  • A metronome

  • Patient neighbors

  • Humor (you never can get enough when you learn something new)


If you need to miss a lesson, please give me advance notice (48 hours minimum). 


Regular lessons are important in encouraging practice routines and musical development so it is better to reschedule lessons rather than canceling them. Please, avoid scheduling medical or orthodontic appointments during lesson times.



Lessons will be rescheduled or cancelled at no cost in case of severe weather conditions and illness (inform me of the student's health situation as soon as possible).

Lessons cancelled less than 48 hours before the regular time will be charged.

Make up Lessons

Any lessons that I have to cancel will be made up. Lessons that are missed due to student illness, family emergency or severe weather may be made up within two months of absence. Please, email Matthieu at least 48 hours in advance if at all possible.

While face to face lessons are preferable, unpredictable circumstances call for uncommon measures.  Online lessons are a possibility when weather, travel or mild illness prevents a student from attending their regular lesson.  If you have access to this technology, please let me know if you are interested in using this option.


Finally, please, do not assume that I am aware of government holidays or school vacations. Not all schools follow the same calendars, so please let me know if you will need to reschedule for a specific reason.

Flute Rental

Beginner flutists can rent a flute from Atlanta's Parisian School of Music. More information

Fees: $76/hour; $57/45 minutes; $38/30 minutes

All payments are paid via Venmo, Zelle or checks made out to APSM, or given in cash.​ A $15-fee will incur for late payments (payments not made before the 8 of each month).

If you desire in-home lessons, a $10/lesson fee will be applied.

The French Flute

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